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EUROCITIES secretary general at Commission meeting on ‘big public buyers’

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Anna Lisa Boni, EUROCITIES secretary general, today attended the launch event of a new partnership between the European Commission (initiated by DG GROW) and EUROCITIES to support large cities as public buyers.

To promote the use of public procurement and facilitate the links between public buyers and suppliers, the European Commission, DG GROW, organised a ‘Big public buyers meeting’. The meeting aimed to provide public buyers with useful information concerning calls and projects, to identify the elements supporting joint cross-border projects, as well as to present good practices in the field of public procurement of innovation.

EUROCITIES has been working for many years with our member cities to facilitate the exchange of good practice and innovation to unlock the potential of public procurement, as was reaffirmed in our Declaration on Work.

In her opening remarks, Ms Boni mentioned that EUROCITIES is involved in several projects to promote and improve public procurement:

  • Our leading role in the EIP-SCC action cluster on business models aims to increase knowledge sharing and dialogue among different cities
  • Our involvement in the urban agenda partnership on ‘Innovative and responsible procurement’ (started in June this year) presents an opportunity for all levels of government to debate with cities on this issue.
  • Other, EU-funded projects that we are involved in, like Sharing Cities, look specifically at issues such as cross-border procurement and innovation of public procurement

EUROCITIES welcomed the European ‘procurement package’ in October 2017 which aims to carry out procurement more efficiently and in a sustainable manner, while making full use of digital technologies to simplify and accelerate procedures.

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